Judaism in Latin America

Added on :  5-Jun-2010
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"Many Latin Americans have begun returning and converting to Judaism. Last year, between 104-300 ex-Christians fully converted to Judaism in Colombia after studying about the rules in Judaism as well as the Hebrew language. The rise of Judaism in Latin America in the past 10 years has become bigger year by year. It has taken some of these righteous converts a year to convert while it took 5 years for others. Many of these new born Latin American Jews have converted due to the love for Judaism's strict monotheism and for following the rules of the Torah. Many of these Latin American Jews have also converted through the discovery of having Sephardic Jewish ancestors from Spain who were forced to convert to Christianity in order to not get persecuted during the Spanish Inquisition. Many of these Jews from Spain converted to Catholicism and immigrated to Latin American countries (mainly Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela) These Jews were known as 'Marranos', 'Conversos', 'Anusim' and many Latinos today do not even know about this, but those ones who have found out have begun converting back to Judaism. Barukh HaShem."