Tichel/Mitpachat - Why Jewish women cover - Jewish Modesty

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"A Jewish religious teacher, Asher explains why Religious married Jewish women cover their hair with a Tichel/Mitpcahat (Scarf). In Judaism it specifically mentions only the hair should be covered, not the face as well as the women should only cover her hair with a Tichel/Mitpachat after marriage for her husband to only see her hair. When a married women wears the Tichel/Mitpachat, people can tell who is married and single. Asher here gives Halakha (Jewish Laws) and proof from the Torah, Gemara, Talmud and Mishnah why women are commanded to cover their hair with a Tichel/Mitpachat after marriage as well as why according to Jewish modesty and religious texts, Jewish women are expected to never wear pants and only long dresses, whereas in Islam they have allowed many Muslim girls to wear jeans and pants which is absolutely forbidden by Observant Jewish Law."