NOT FINISHED (why married Jewish women cover their hair and why I love it!)

Added on :  5-Jun-2010
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"As always, check out for tons of scarf wrapping ideas and lots more! FYI - I've removed the previous video from everywhere except youtube because I want to improve it. It's staying up here so people can still access it and give me some pointers. Here's what I think needs work: - I need to figure out who I am speaking to. The video seemed to be directed those who wonder about why Jewish married women cover their hair, AND those who have been covering their hair for a while. Both messages are important, but need to be addressed separately. - It needs to be thought out and completed in more than a couple of hours. It is such an important subject and I just have so much more that I want to convey. - I need to get more comfortable speaking to a camera. I have no idea how to do this. Any pointers? Those that know me well could probably see the tension in my face and that I wasn't able to connect. Maybe I should stick to writing for now... If you have any suggestions please let me know! - I have realized that there needs to be a balance between getting information out quickly (because it needs to be heard!) and conveying it effectively. I think I felt too much urgency in getting this one out. So I am going to leave it up on youtube for anyone that wants to check it out, but please keep in mind that it's just a fraction of what I want to do. I'm going to take it off the site, etc. until I can give the subject what it deserves. Shabbat Shalom! Love, Andrea"