Yoreh Deah Siman 6 Seif 1

סימן ו – במה שוחטין,

Siman 6

With what may you slaughter



בְּכָל דָּבָר הַתָּלוּשׁ שׁוֹחֲטִין, בֵּין בְּסַכִּין בֵּין בְּצוֹר בֵּין בִּקְרוּמִית שֶׁל קְנֵה הָאֲגַם הַנִּקְרָא אישפדני” א,  וְכַיּוֹצֵא בָּהֶם מִדְּבָרִים הַחוֹתְכִים. וְהוּא שֶׁיִּהְיֶה פִּיו חַד, וְלֹא יִהְיֶה בּוֹ פְּגָם. סַכִּין שֶׁצִדּוֹ אֶחָד מַגָּל וְצִדּוֹ הַשֵּׁנִי יָפֶה, לֹא יִשְׁחֹט בַּצַּד הַיָּפֶה לְכַתְּחִלָּה, גְּזֵרָה שֶׁמָּא יִשְׁחֹט בַּצַּד הָאַחֵר. וְאִם שָׁחַט, הוֹאִיל וּבַצַּד הַיָּפֶה שָׁחַט, שְׁחִיטָתוֹ כְּשֵׁרָה.

Seif 1

One may slaughter with anything that is detached from the ground, whether slaughtering with a knife or a rock or a thin reed of a lake, or any of these that can cut. (one may slaughter).

(These objects) must have a sharp edge, and cannot have a flaw.

Regarding a knife that has one side that is bent and one side that is good, one must not slaughter with the good side from the outset, this was a parameter that was taken so as not to enable the slaughterer to come to use the bad side.

If he does slaughter, because it was the good side that was used to slaughter, it is permissible.

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